Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Htc hd2 apps : T-Mobile US Stock Apps


Oz Instant Messenger (aim-gtalk-yahoo-myspace-msn im) -

TeleNav -

MobiTV -

Slacker Radio -

T-Mobile Visual Voicemail -

T-Mobile My Account -

Blockbuster -

Opera Browser 9.70 (Also makes it default) -

Amazon MP3 -

Swype -

Barnes & Noble eReader -

Transformers launcher app ONLY -

Double Twist - Free direct from the site -

(T-Mobile) Mobile Back Up -

My Account w/ TMO help from version 2.13.531.1 -

SWYPE from 2.13 (with vibrate) -

Htc hd2 wallpapers : Zitoun Panoramic Wallpapers

Htc hd2 themes : Zitoun Black Stickers for sense 2.5

Htc hd2 themes : Zitoun Metro v.1 + v.2

Monday, September 27, 2010

Htc hd2 apps : CHTEditor v2.0.0.0 Beta

Co0kie's Home Tab offers us a vast array of changes for our home tabs. A lot of the options are only available via registry edits, unless you use CHTEditor.

Co0kie's Home Tab offers us a vast array of changes for our home tabs. A lot of the options are only available via registry edits, unless you use CHTEditor.
With this application you can modify all the settings for the mod without having to open a registry editor, as well as being able to export & import all your settings and quicklinks, in case you need to hard reset or flash a new ROM. Multiple settings files can be automatically linked in the start menu, so you can switch layouts without opening the editor. You can also add these shortcuts as quicklinks to switch layouts from the home tab itself.

About v2.0.0.0 Public Beta:
This is a beta release, complete with bugs and unfinished bits, so keep that in mind.
There is no backward compatiblity with versions 1.x.x, so you can't import old CHTE settings files. But future versions will be compatile going forward, so you will be able to import you 2.0.0 settings into any 2.x.x version.

Important notes:
* If in the future you upgrade Co0kie's Home Tab to a newer version, please read post #2 below.
* This application can be installed to either the device or your storage card.
* Finally, a lot of time goes into this application and this thread, so I'm sorry but I won't answer any questions that are answered in these first few posts. Any major issues will either be resolved as a new release, or will be mentioned at the top of the thread somewhere.

Features list:
* Change the settings without a registry editor
* Export and import settings and quicklinks (can also be done via command-line - see post 2)
* Command-line support for import and export of settings (see post 2)
* Create shortcuts to settings files for on-the-fly quick changes from the start menu or quicklinks, without running the editor
* Remove dead quicklinks
* Automatically restarts manila or soft resets for immediate changes
* Multi-language support

To be implemented in future releases:
* Add the option to enter application paths as free text, so that parameters can be included
* Add the ability to import and export different parts of your settings so you can mix them (quicklinks, home layout, lock layout etc..)

This is a work in progress and will continue to be developed in-line with Co0kieMonster's home tab mod, including any extra settings that are added along the way. With this in mind, it will only work with the correct verison of Co0kieMonster's mod, and if you try to run it against a different version then you'll be given an error telling you to check back here for a newer version of this application.


Htc hd2 apps : CHTScheduler v2.0 beta





Do you eat every day only cutlets? Even if it's your favorite food? No?
So why do you have the same Sense theme every hour of every day? You don't? You change it often?
Then you are aware of the effort needed to change a theme, or to change a clock or style, or to revert back to the former one.
You know, that you forget which .cab files you installed. You know how sometimes they interfere with other .cab's.
And you know that your Sense is sometimes messed up, and needs a full reinstallation.
If you install CHT (Co0kie’s Home Tab), are you reluctant to install the skinning .cab's for Sense again because of these problems? And do your system settings not really suit the new installation? And do you need different views and WinMo-Settings at work, at home, in the car, in your spare time, or at night - but there is a lot of manual maintenance needed to do this, and so you make it all-for-one, not optimal, but without too much effort?

Perhaps CHTS is the solution for you... :

Key features:
- Intuitive as possible: CHTS does much in the code, but the UI to configure is made as simple as possible, to get fast into the How-To... for the rest: RTFM -> Manual for CHTS as zipped .rtf <- - For all: There is NO permanently running app in background - and that's the biggest difference to the most Scheduler apps - so battery drain almost impossible.. only if you really configure something wrong... ok... I don't know an app, which schedules a complete Layout, Sense-Settings, WinMo-Settings and all the rest in one app... - Profiling your Sense - Layout saving of your Home Tab -- all positions/size/items -- Quicklink outfit -- Widgets -- Sense Themes (all Theme creators: read Whitepaper, how to easy add your theme to be saved & scheduled) -- so: one time .cab installing and then saving - and no more reinstalling this Design-cab needed. - Assigning Layouts to different profiles! -- switch them to whatever profile which suits to your current wishes. At work you need Tasks and other quicklinks in front? no problem. In spare time your music player and a totally different outfit? it needs 10 seconds to change it -- Combine it with all the other following key features - Power mode adjustable -- full configurable power modes, how your Porfile should be changed -- Smooth power on, backlight off, full power, wake up from suspend and revert to it automatically -- Configurable Timeouted message box to ask you in automatic mode, if you want to switch Profile now or later -- suppress Message Box for switch to GoodNite or out of GoodNite -- Vibration feedback adjustable for different actions, so that you always know, when CHTS is doing something -- Sound enabling if device is in suspend -- Security mechanism, e.g. like: Automatic postpone of Switch while you're in Call or device is locked - Wallpaper scheduling integrated in CHT, special made for non-noticeable-battery drain even if you choose very short times -- initial wallpapers for each profile -- scheduling seperately for each kind of wallpaper -- weather wallpaper: Wallpaper depends on the current weather. In 9-pics or 44-pics-mode -- Mix all this modes like you want: Initial for Landscape, Weather for Lockscreen, Scheduling for WidePortrait and AllTabs... no problem - Sense scheduling for each profile -- update times for Weather, stocks -- update times for new state Quicklinks of CHT -- Proximity and more - Data Scheduling -- switch on/off/let-it-like-it-is for BT, Wifi, GPRS, Radio, Network, Flightmode, Phone -- Special "Network" switch: Turn off your phone like in Flightmode, but no need for a PIN!!! -- No Data! So you can diable GPRS for all apps inside a profile -- Roaming detection and define actions for it, e.g. asking, switching Network on/off, No Data -- Idle Timeout configurable on your needs in a profile -- special useful features, e.g. like switching off GPRS, if you activate Wifi manually - System Scheduling -- Define Sound profile - normal, vibrate, muted (as expected) -- independent setable System and Phone volume -- adjusting InCall-Volume suitable to your needs in a profile - Executing up to 3 apps -- easy to configure -- computing .exe out of a .lnk to faster settings -- executed after Sense Restart, if you changed the Layout in this profile.

And now the best:
All this profiles can be set, like you want! So if you only need the wallpaper and data settings in one Profile and you use another app for something else - than just do it. If you only switch Layouts - also possible.

[b]And this can be scheduled in 3 Modes:
1. Manually mode: You have all in your hand. You can see in CHT which profile is active. switch it by Quicklinks or CHTSwitchGui
2. Timeouted mode: You are in a meeting - then you can define a timeout by setting the timeout time or by Date&time and define, to
which mode or profile should CHTS turn afterwards
3. Automatically mode: An easy, intuitive way, you can define your personal rhythm of your day - no need to be think about overlapping times - for each day seperately and fingerfriendly configurable. Please read chapter 4 in manual to learn more.

In CHT you can see the active profile, next scheduled switch and mode and all necessary informations, e.g. like the next wallpaper switch time by little state icons and/or the new resizeable quicklinks of CHT v2