Thursday, October 7, 2010

Htc hd2 hints 25 : Speed Up Web Page Loading Considerably
The following registry tweak will enable almost instantaneous web page loading in the web browser. It apparently enables wireless N mode but seems to work with cellular data too. Go to:
with Resco Registry Editor HKLM/Comm/BCMSDDHD1/Parms
11nModeDisable =
Change from 1 to 0

Htc hd2 hints 24 : Disable Extra Animation on Clock

Everytime you refresh the home screen, the flip clock starts 1 hour and 2 minutes back to show off the flip animation. You can disable this extra animation so it only flips when it needs to flips. Download the modified manila file at the end of this post. Disable HTC Sense in Today settings. Backup original Windows file (you are going to overwrite) to your SD card. Extract downloaded file to Windows directory on your device (overwriting the original). Enable HTC Sense again in today settings.


Htc hd2 hints 23 : Boost Performance

Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\StorageManager\FATFS with Resco Registry Editor
Change - CacheSize to 4096. Works for some and not for others though.

Htc hd2 hints 22 : Get BBC iPlayer Mobile Website Working on HD2
The current Opera 10 version on the HD2 is not detected by the BBC iplayer website. Here is a modifcation to Opera preferences you can do to get it to work.
with Resco Registry Editor
HLKM/Software/Opera/Prefs/User Prefs/Custom User-Agent
Change from HTC_HD2_T8585 Opera/9.7 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en) to HTC_Touch_HD_T8282 Now go to Videos are opened in your Streaming App on your phone.

Htc hd2 hints 21 : Enable Clickable Links in Zoomed Out Opera

This reg edit allows you to tap on a link without the need for zooming in first.
with Resco Registry Editor
Change value from 64 to 32

HTC HD2 Dis-Assembled Photos 2

HTC HD2 Dis-Assembled Photos 1

Htc hd2 hints 20 : Enable Auto Data Disconnect for Auto Email Downloads and Other Downloads with a Cab File
When you have auto email downloads enabled, data is not disoconnected after mail retrieval and thus your battery is drained much faster. Modify the following reg edit to have data disconnect after 60 seconds. You can test this by tapping on the notfification bar while downloading emails and watch the data connection close after idle for 60 seconds. Please note. Data connection will NOT auto disconnect if you have any HTC Sense auto download enabled such as Weather, Twitter, Stocks, Facebook or Time Sync. Please set these apps to manual download only. Please note that this setting has the possible effect of disabling simultaneous voice and data on some devices, even if you are on a capable network and signal. See Tip 70 for an app that works with even HTC data downloads.

with Resco Registry Editor

CacheTime = 60
SuspendResume =
should be blank. Delete "GPRS_bye_if_device_off" text.
VPNCacheTime = 60

Htc hd2 hints 19 : Real Exit for HTC Album
By defualt, when you click on the ok/X button in HTC Album, the app minimizes and does not exit. Make the following change to really exit the app and thus save some program memory:
with Resco Registry Editor
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\HTCAlbumv"ok_minim ize" = dword:0

Htc hd2 hints 18 : Move Start Menu Apps to Top of List

Press and hold any app on the start menu and you can then move it to the top of the screen. If you want apps listed alphabetically, work backwards from z to A in regards to the order in which you move apps.