Friday, October 8, 2010

Htc hd2 hints 28 : How to Enable More Than 1 Hotmail Account in Email Tab

By default you can only check one hotmail account at a time. Here is how to enable more hotmail accounts.

1. Create a new email account.
2. In the email field write your email but replace the "" with "@hotmail.con", this way the OS is not going to load Windows live messenger to sync your email.
3. Disable the option "Try to get e-mail settings..."
4. Select the email provider, in this case, Internet e-mail.
5. Complete the name and account display name
6. Incoming server: "". Account type: POP3
7. Complete the form with your username and password. Note: the username is your full email address: "" and not "yourusername".
8. Outgoing mail server: "". Check the "outgoing server requires au...". Click on Advanced settings and check the "Require SSL..." for incoming ant outgoing e-mail.
9. Complete the rest of the setup.
10. Now, go to your email account and go to Tools > Options, once there, click on the email account you just created and click on "Edit account setup." NOTE: It might make you wait until it syncs 1 time.
11. Replace the "@hotmail.con" with the right one "" and hit next 'till the end of the setup, and done.

Htc hd2 hints 27 : Enable Magnifying Box When Selecting Text

Press and hold your finger on any text in a HTC app such as Messaging and an iphone-esque selection procedure with handles to drag and highlight text will appear. Modify the following registry entry to add a magnifying window as you select and highlight the text. Go to:
HKLM/Software/HTC/TextSelection/EnableMagnifier with Resco Registry Editor and change from 0 to 1.

Htc hd2 hints 26 : Enable Graphical Send Icon Button in HTC Messaging

To send a text message you need to hit the left softkey button. The following registry tweak adds a graphic send button above the paperclip button. It also changes the 'send' left soft key to a 'back' soft key.
with Resco Registry Editor HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HTC\Manila\LSK_Send_Msg
Change from 1 to 0.

Windows Phone 7 Running on HTC HD2?

Hi, I hope this is a real video but it isn't verified yet. What do you think real or fake?