Saturday, November 20, 2010

HTC HD2 Hints November Update
110. Enable Clearer In Call Recording
When recording phone calls via the Menu, Record option during an active call, the clarity might not be that good. Add the following tweak to make the recordings of both parties clearer. Phone call recordings are saved to your Notes app. Go to HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\WaveDev and add a new DWord Value. Name: MixModeRecord and DWord: 1. If Record does not show up in the menu during an ACTIVE call, use the following tweak: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Voice. Change AllowInCallRecording and EnableCallRecordMenuItem from 0 to 1.

111. Enable Speedier Entries When Setting Times
If you have your clock set to 24hour format, when entering times in a new appointment or setting a new alarm you have to scroll through 24 numbers to choose the right hour. By going to Settings Tab, Date & Time and unchecking 24-hour format, you now only have to scroll through 12 digits when selecting an hour - thus quicker to execute.

112. Change Landscape Angle for Better Bedtime Viewing
If you browse the web or send emails while laying down (say in bed) it can be very frustrating that your phone switches to lanscape when you want it to stay in portrait mode. Execute the following reg tweak so that the phone will only rotate to landscape if it is tilted over 60 degrees as opposed to 35 degrees. HKLM\Software\HTC\HTCSensor\GSensor\LandscapeAngle Threshold and change from 35 to 60.

113. Hidden Links on Home Tab
Put your Weather and Calendar tabs towards the end of the other tabs as you can easily access those tabs by pressing the weather graphic under the flip clock and by tapping on the date - all on the Home tab. Also you can access the World Clock by tapping on the flip clock and you can access the Alarm Clock page by tapping on the Alarm text - again all on the Home Tab.

114. Instantly Convert Web Youtube Videos into Mobile Viewable Videos in Browser

Sometimes when clicking on a link to a Youtube video it will take you to the Desktop version of the video and of course our phones do not support Flash videos in Opera. Simply delete the 'www' in the video url and replace it with the letter 'm' and reload. It will now show the mobile version of that page and allow you to play the video with your built in HTC Youtube Player.