Thursday, October 21, 2010

Htc hd2 hints 40 : Save Some Space in Phone Storage Memory

Use file explorer (Enable "show all system files") and delete the following or move them to storage card if you need them:

a. Folder: My Device\Music
Delete the sample song folders.

e. Folder: My Device\Program files
Delete the folder "copilot" if you don't use it.

g. Folder: My Device\Windows\
Delete Opera 9.exe (rom version will replace it don't worry)

h. Folder: My Device\Windows\
Delete OperaL.exe (rom version will replace it don't worry)

i. Folder: My Device\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
Delete which ever shortcut you don't need.

j. Folder: My Device\Windows\Rings
Delete the Ring tones you don't use or move them to storage.

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